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Friday, April 1, 2016

April 1, 2016


Yesterday was a super social day for me. I had lunch at Grapefruit Moon with my friend Annabel. It was so cool that they served me coffee in a Sagittarius mug! When I mentioned that it was actually my sign, the waiter said, "I knew you were coming!" And in the evening I went out with some of my mastermind group and we celebrated all the things we've been working on and dreaming of over the past month.


Sadly having some Kindle woes. Spent some time trouble shooting but haven't quite sorted it out yet. Kinda throws a wrench in the works of trying to go all digital if it isn't working smoothly. Got a few more things to try, but kinda unexpected to have this happen given it's been so smooth until a recent update. I guess all mediums have their pros and cons!


Worked on final touches of some of our clay projects and even got some glazing in. Hot Orchid for this plate I made. The glazes can look completely different. This is supposed to end up hot pink. We'll see! Also turned into a Giant Spider at D&D tonight and was freakishly good at it. Great but very long day.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Oh, Shannon, what a drag! Did it get stuck there? I wonder what their support is like. You're so right this is one of the big worries of going digital! I hope it gets sorted soon.

Suzie, I just love the name "hot orchid". Of course that colour simply must be chosen. I can't wait to see how it turns out. And that's so crazy about your spiderly ways. Who knew?

Shannon said...

That Sagittarius Mug is so cool Jamie! I wonder how they knew :) Sounds like an awesome day of catching up and celebrating, woohoo!!!

Sadly I haven't sorted out the Kindle woes yet. It's actually not downloading purchases / connecting to the store. One of the suggestions was to reset it, but now that I've done that I can't connect at all and all my books aren't on the Kindle. Luckily I can still read them on my phone, but I really need to sort it out. I'll continue today and i need people connect with their customer service. Sucky to have it go sideways.

I am so curious to see what that plate looks like after it's fired. Amazing that calm colour can turn into hot pink. And way to go on being a rockin' spider!!

Suzie Ridler said...

So why didn't they bake you a cake? LOL, had to say it! That mug is so you and sounds like a great day.

Shannon, woe, that's a shame. So it isn't sorted out yet? You lost your books? Damn, that's terrible! I hope they fix it soon.

You really can't tell what something is going to look like before it gets fired which is exciting. And it was crazy how great I was rolling as a spider. I recently decided to focus on animal transformation as a druid and I think she likes it.