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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November 4, 2015


Yesterday was the four month anniversary of bringing the kittens home. This picture is a good indicator of just how far we've come. Yesterday I managed to have a good cuddle with each of the kittens, even Escher. They feel like such a part of the family that I find it hard to imagine that it's only been four months. In that time we've already built so many memories together.


I was hoping that this 'before' pic would be side by side by the end of the day with a spectacular 'after'. I did make good progress today including clearing off the desk, but most of what got cleared was inside the desk therefore no spectacular after image. Still, every step done is a good one so I'm going to carry that through as I keep working on clearing, cleaning and packing :)


After going to my dentist in Coquitlam, Reg and I drove up to our old hood on the mountain. It was unbelievably gorgeous, just as we remember it to be. Even though life was hard up there, it was always breathtakingly beautiful. It gives me hope that no matter what life has in store for us, we will find a way to be OK and to live life fully.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

WTG, Shannon! You are making amazing progress. I'm so impressed!

And Suzie, I truly believe that the two of you will find a way. Truly. And remember, you always have us. ((hugs))

Suzie Ridler said...

Four months!! Looks how far they have come Jamie, it's wonderful. You are teaching them so much about love, it's amazing.

Shannon, I am thoroughly impressed and amazed at the work you have done.

Thank you Jamie, especially for the reminder that I am not alone.

Shannon said...

omg, that is a stomach surrender pic if I've ever seen one! I can't believe it's been 4 months already with the kittens, they have come so far :) So many memories and starting to be so many cuddles too!!

Gorgeous pic Suzie, it is so beautiful up there. What a way to make going to the dentist much more pleasant. I'm thrilled to hear that things are feeling more possible these days, that is amazing.

Thanks so much on the progress, I feel like so much of it is unseen but I can really feel it which is really exciting.

Suzie Ridler said...

At first I was going to say no to going up there and then thought, why not? I'm so glad we did. It is still so beautiful and was very healing.

I think there is a ton of energy brewing for you Shannon and with the move, which is awesome.