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Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30, 2015


The pipes are finally complete and this weekend we started the process of getting the house back in order. We're all exhausted, so it was also good to take some time for enjoyment and rest. Justin and I went to the local park to watch the tree lighting - yay - and then came home for hot chocolate and oatmeal cookies!


One of the things I've been enjoying recently is playing Spooky's House of Jump Scares. It looks crazy old-school, has extremely simple functions, and doesn't take long to play a little bit and feel like a fun little break. You literally just go from room to room to room, and occasionally something jumps out (or tries to kill you). It's nice to have something goofy and silly, even if it's pop scares!

P.S. Sorry I've not been posting as of late, things have been a little crazy! Hope to be more timely this week :)


I was the official photographer for Reg's kung fu school performance on the weekend! And OMG, it was exhausting and tough but awesome. I did a lot of running around, changing angles and stressing I would run out of space on my memory card but it's all good. Although I am crazy-sore today. Photographing food is much easier but this was a fantastic challenge and I learned a lot.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Lol, Shannon, it's been fun to hear your giggles and starts as you play this game! It's so nice to have a little something like this when things have been so stressful.

Suzie, I've been so impressed with all of the shots you've been sharing on Facebook. This one is beautiful! It looks like an amazing day and you've captured it so well! I hope you get to rest up now :)

Suzie Ridler said...

Yay for going to a local tree-lighting (how cool is that?) and for the work being done Jamie!!!

Shannon, is this a phone game? It sounds awesome.

Thanks Jamie! I wish I could share more but because there are mostly kids, it has to remain mostly private but it was an honour to be asked. Oh my legs are so sore from crouching, bending… It was good though!

Shannon said...

It's so exciting that the pipe work is complete! I am so glad you got out to see the tree lighting! It looks so fun :) And YAY for hot chocolate and oatmeal cookies, yum yum :)

That's so cool you got to be the official photographer for the kung fu performance Suzie! You did an amazing job, the pictures look great! Sounds like it's rest time after that much running around!

And Suzie, it's a game on Steam which is a site that..uh... has games? I'm not even taht sure, but a link in the post, and it's free to play but you have to download the program. And nope, not a phone game! Looking at all the Black Friday sales on games got me wanting to play something, but my PS4 is packed away!

Suzie Ridler said...

Thanks Shannon! Oh and I thought it said it was an app so I thought it was for the phone.

Shannon said...

they might have an app for Steam, I haven't looked! The crazy thing is, my new computer actually calls any new program an "app". It's weird to now feel like I'm starting to understand technology less than I used to.