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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 31, 2013


It's been such a hard go lately that Justin recommended we go out to the movies. It meant braving leaving Jinx alone but she's been doing much better, able to walk around and get food, water and to the litter so we decided to head out. We joined a full house for The Wolverine. It was mostly good to just get out and lose ourselves in a movie for a while.


I've really been wanting to live normalcy right now (or as I really realized I am craving *routine*), and today my delightful normalcy included having a farmers lunch.  Oh my.  I have not done this for months, and I miss it. And I'm most definitely certain my body misses it too.  Here's to getting back to that.


It finally happened. Yes, I got Burn Notice Season 1. And, I bumped into a blog reader who was so sweet and gave me condolences about Mom. Which I have been very worried about, not wanting to cry in public. But it was OK and she was very sweet and kind. And I didn't cry. And then, Reg came home with the news. Which first made me sick and my knees shaky. With just getting back two weeks ago, this is all overwhelming but I tell you, to know that I will be in BC for my birthday... I am handling it all better than I thought. Yes, yesterday was a huge day. And now we can watch Burn Notice!!!


Suzie Ridler said...

Here's to Farmer's lunches again Shannon! That totally makes sense and looks delicious. And it's nice to see Mr. Man is keeping you company.

Shannon said...

Thrilled to hear you got Burn Notice Suzie but with all the awesome news and excitement, I wonder if you will have time to see it! So thrilled to hear you finally got the news! Wowza. That's awesome.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Mmm... farmer's lunch! That's one of my favourites too. I'm so glad you're having these moments of normalcy, Shannon. They're kind of like having a little oasis!

Suzie, the news is enormous! In so many ways, things are changing. I'm excited about the possibilities that are opening up for you. Celebrating your birthday in BC sounds perfect!

(Oh, and a late add from me!)

Shannon said...

What a nice escape to get to the movies Jamie, and so brave to leave Jinx alone but very impressive that ya gave it a go and got to get some escapism on.

And I'm so cheering for Suzie to celebrate her Bday back on the West Coast! Yeehaw!