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Thursday, July 25, 2013

July 25, 2013


Well, it's a pretty random day to jump in and start reposting but heck, why not? Especially since I just got my new camera - yay!! Suzie, I hope you don't mind me copying you when it came to my choice but your photos really inspired me when you were here, especially that zoom! Now, I do have to learn to use it but it felt more intuitive than I expected and I had a lot of fun taking it out yesterday and exploring the neighbourhood. Of course, that fun was augmented because it was my first time outside in days! I've been so focused on taking care of Jinx I've barely left her side!


Suzie Ridler said...

Alright! I am THRILLED you got your camera and go for it! Totally play with the zoom and that is a gorgeous photo Jamie, love it. Funny, I was going to start back tomorrow since today was my first day out of the house in forever. Hugs to you, Justin and Jinx.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Thanks so much, Suzie! I love that we're on the same wavelength on multiple levels today!

And maybe I can get your help with some camera stuff too :) I know you had to fuss with it a bit at the beginning and I know that I'm not thrilled with how photos turn out when I just use auto. Is that what you were shifting too?

Suzie Ridler said...

Me too Jamie! And absolutely, I've been working with all sorts of settings lately and would love to help out in any way. Auto is what I used most of the time while I was there, it is best for outdoors with lots of sunlight. Also, the more you extend the lens, the more chances of the photo being blurry if you move. You really have to hold the camera still, breathe out while you gently push the button down.

Shannon said...

I'm so thrilled to hear you got your new camera Jamie, and that makes it a perfect day to jump back into the Willow Tree! I love the pic and all the pretty flowers, that is so awesome! I'm sure Jinx loves having you by her side but it's good to get out too :)