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Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29, 2013


The weather was so beautiful yesterday that Justin and I decided to get out for a walk. It's the first time we've been out together for a while because we've felt one of us needs to be with Jinx. She's doing a fair bit better though so that gave us a chance to stretch our legs and yes, continue to play with the new camera. I think it's going to be the purrfect cat cam!!


Continuing on the path of trying to do some normal things, I was really happy to get back to reading last week and even finished up a book which is the final one of a series! I actually thought I had already finished the series last year but low and behold they added another book. Now I look forward to choosing what to read next.


Reg and I drove down the Bedford Highway yesterday to check out Taz Records' new location! So much closer to us than going downtown. Reg picked up some Bad Religion and The Allan Brothers Band and is going his best Warren impersonation in front of the store. It was nice to see the sun come out to! 


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Yay to reading and a few things getting back to normal. I've been trying to do that too. It helped to go into the library and get my card renewed! Now I have a couple of good reads on my Kobo :)

I hope you enjoy your next book!

Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, looks like you are getting absolutely comfortable with that camera because wow, that is a purrfect kitty photo! It's GORGEOUS! Well done. So glad you got to leave the house for a bit and get a break and play with the camera.

Shannon, that is awesome you finished off that book, the completist in you must be very happy, that was a major undertaking. I am going to the library tomorrow too. So glad you got your card renewed Jamie!

Late add from me!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

I'm glad you had an outing too, Suzie! And wow, I love being back under the willow tree. I'd gotten so used to us being together. It's nice to have this chance to check in!

And thanks for the kudos on the picture, Suzie. I am just delighted!

Shannon said...

What an awesome cat Jamie, and how awesome to have a great cat-cam for kitty pictures on your walks. It must have been so nice to be out with Justin and I'm glad Jinx was a-okay at home too for a bit.

That's totally cool that you got out to a record store Suzie! And I hope they do well at their new location, I wasn't sure if record stores were even around anymore but I love hard-copy stuff so I'm glad they were.

It was really cool to finish off a book series, but oddly right now I've gotten a bit lighter on holding to *have* to do things in order or all of things. It feels strange, as it's so not me, but sometimes you do have to stretch and change even if it means that coming back to home position feels good in the end :)

Suzie Ridler said...

I agree Jamie, so nice to be back together like this.

Shannon, the store also sells DVDs (really good selection) and CDs as well as records and record players. We were shocked they opened up another store but Bedford is a pretty cool hipster area (if there is one here, LOL).

Wow, that's interesting Shannon. Yes, stretching and changing does feel weird. Good point about coming back to home position, so true.

I am finding myself being less tied down to a particular structure of doing things, although I do still follow the routine here and there. It feels weird too, either way.