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Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29, 2013


High Tea!! What fun we had! Tea, treats and outfits - as Grandma would say, "What could be bad?" It was so fun shopping with Suzie in the morning for surprise outfits - and seeing Shannon get changed on the streetcar! It was a treat to actually use our china cups and to indulge in such sweet delights. A great day, for sure!

 photo 20130428HighTeaatMoms40_zps5a71a00c.jpg


High Tea at Mom's! What a joy this was, lots of giggle, tons of goodies and a gaggle of ladies in out beautiful hats and gowns. I had such a great time.

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Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Gosh, I just loved having high tea! What a great reason to get dressed up fah-bu-lously and eat treats! What a wonderful time.