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Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15, 2013


Epic is right! What a beautiful experience to go for a family lunch at this wonderful restaurant at the Royal York Hotel! Fancy-pants or what! The desserts in particular were divine!


Spending time at Epic with Epic Family Goodness was so awesome! I think I'm still full....


Suzie Ridler said...

Loved the fancy pants part, which is odd for me, but those desserts?! OMG! And that chowder, divine. What a treat to go with family and all of us taking photographs at the same time. Loved it!

Shannon said...

Totally fancy pants! Might be the fanciest place I've ever been in Toronto! I had a great time, with great company and wonderful food. Fun!

PSST late add from me :)

Suzie Ridler said...

It might have been one of the fanciest places I have been too Shannon! And great photo, that is how it was when we were there, love it. You gave me a lot to think about when it comes to taking photos.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Epic Family Goodness! I love that. What a great fancy-pants delicious experience. Lots of great memories being created!