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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April 10, 2013


Not a tremendously good picture of what is a tremendously delicious curry lentil soup. This has been one of our favourites for years. There's one last step before serving - add havarti! Yum!


Watching The Ultimate Fighter has become quite a tradition for me and the semifinals were just on and I was surprized to say this year all four guys that made it to the semifinals I would be happy if they won. Usually I have someone I'm rooting for very early in the season, and this year there is a ridiculously obvious stand out, but I will be happy to see any of those four guys win. Besides the fighting itself this season, I've been completely impressed by coach Chael Sonnen, who I was surprized to find out usually plays the 'bad guy' card. As if! He's encouraging, truthful and positive not only of his players but also of the guys on the other team. It's really reminded me how much I value truthful and positive articulation, and he does that all the time. I'm a little sad the coaches fight won't be on the night of the finals this time around, but at least I'll see the finale before my cable goes out!


Suzie Ridler said...

He looks like a good guy to me and the way you describe him sounds awesome! I am glad that you will be able to see the finals but that sucks you won't get to see the coaches fight. I had no idea they did that too!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

That's fascinating that such an honourable and positive coach plays an entirely different role in the... do you say ring?

It's always so awesome to see someone who is a great role model and reminds us of what is important to us. Who knew that would happen on The Ultimate Fighter? That rocks!

PS Super late add from me.

Shannon said...

Oh that soup is so yummy! YAY for curry lentil soup!

I think it's bizarre that one of the things that keeps me coming back to watching The Ultimate Fighter is the coaches and seeing coaching in action, and Chael has been a huge stand out from the seasons I've watched. And yes, different role in coaching as he presents himself as a fighter! Wow.

It seems that sometimes they include the coaches fight, and sometimes not. Injuries sometimes throw in curveballs, but this one they are just fighting on a different card. Guess it gets more people to watch 2 events.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

That's such an interesting distinction between coach and fighter! Fascinating.

I guess ultimately that means there's more to watch, hehe.