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Thursday, September 21, 2017

September 21, 2017


Recently I stumbled across a treat that I had never heard of before: a Dutch baby! The recipe was incredibly simple and incredibly familiar and so last night Justin and I gave it a try. It takes no time at all and is delicious - a cross between a pancake, a beaver tail and a Yorkshire pudding! (Most like a  Yorkshire pudding - but dessert!) We were testing it out for a special occasion so won't be sharing it anywhere else for a few days. This is the recipe we used. And no, this is not low fat ;)


Busy Day! Lots of planning and prepping and computering today, but was happy to knock off one of the challenges for the super chill readathon I'm doing this week by reading a graphic novel (okay, this is a comic...which is a lot shorter... but I'm counting it!). Yes, it's Hrolf Kraki and His Champions! A famous tale... we'll all heard it, right? Right? Okay, maybe not but it was still a lot of fun, although quite brutal and oddly sparse story telling.


I had my first clay extruder class and it was quite fascinating. It is a two-person job to put that clay through that monstrous press but look! It make the walls of this casserole dish and I used the soap dish one for putting chopsticks on! Took all my energy though. Totally baked by the end of that class.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

I love that cover, Shannon. It totally looks like a classic read, though I must say that sadly, I have not heard tell of the tale.

Suzie, wow, that is amazing. I can't believe you're making your own casserole dish. How awesome is that! It looks like that was energy well spent :)

Suzie Ridler said...

Oh that looks fascinating Jamie! Was it delicious? A sweet Yorkshire pudding sound pretty fantastic to me!

Shannon, me either, must have slipped through my literary fingers... LOL. Good job!

Thanks Jamie! I'm happy with the dish but may abandon the lid. I have yet to master lids.