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Monday, June 5, 2017

June 5, 2017


The majority of the day was rainy yesterday but there was a pocket of sunshine in the afternoon. Justin and I took the opportunity to get out back and make some headway in the garden. It's been so busy I haven't managed a moment and everything is overgrown. Though it's a bit overwhelming it also gave me this wonderful feeling of the wild sanctuary that was our backyard at home. There is something wonderful about nature doing her thing!


I did a bit of a seasonal shift in the apartment, including shifting some of the pictures and are around, and I put up my recent Art Day art up on the wall. I love the idea of covering the entire wall in art. I wonder if that's what my place will look like at the end of the summer!


Thanks to Shannon another endless weekend was a little less endless! That said, I had no foodie luck over the weekend but then I only spend $2.80 on this donut and lemonade so at least it wasn't also a total waste of money.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

I love that picture, Shannon - you and your art. Creating those paintings on Yupo paper was so much fun. Next time I get to the art store, I will see if they have some.

Oh, Suzie, what a trek! I'm sorry there was such a dearth of flavour out there! You are such a master at creating such that. These places need to step up their game!

Suzie Ridler said...

That's great you had a moment of time and sunshine to get out there in the wild backyard Jamie! And lovely photo of Justin too.

I think it's fantastic you are showcasing your artwork Shannon and wow, imagine a whole summer of doing that?!

Thanks Jamie. If I lived downtown there would be tons of places to go. Think it's time to focus on my little foodie world. It is usually so much more delicious than out there anyway.

Shannon said...

Nature keeps on going on, eh? This is an awesome picture and I see you put Justin to work right away, (j/k). It's wonderful you have a wild sanctuary so close at hand, and I'm sure the garden enjoys doing her thing!

I'm so glad we could hang out on the weekend Suzie! Sorry you didn't have much foodie luck, so sad with the order mix up (in more than one way!).