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Thursday, June 22, 2017

June 22, 2017


Happy Summer! Yesterday was an incredibly busy day but I really, really wanted my summer yearbook, which is a good sign that there is something that is really working about it. I managed to finish it off as best I could and take it into the printer. I am also going to see about getting some sample orders that are closer to the form I'm hoping it will eventually be in. I stayed home last night instead of going to choir but it felt good to get things done, get to bed early for a busy day today too.


It was quite an all-over-the-place energy day, and I didn't end up taking many pictures but I did end up making healthy dinner! I could have gone with a slightly smaller portion, but I love this salad so much it's hard to restrain myself!


Got to Opus and finally got some of my very own Indian ink for just over $2. It is a small container which is fine. I already have a brush. This was in the window.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Oh, that salad looks delicious! You're making me want to have that very soon! Good for you for making a healthy dinner, especially when the energy is so frenetic.

Yay for India Ink, Suzie. I hope that you have fun exploring the possibilities. And wow, you never know what you will find in an art store :)

Shannon said...

It's amazing when that drive kicks in of wanting something, and recognizing how much you miss it, let's you know that it's really working! I'm exciting you were able to get a summer one printed Jamie! Some times it's nice to get centred before a busy day ahead!

I'm glad you got your own India ink Suzie! I love how dark it is (the ink, not the pic!), nothing quite like it. I love this picture too!

Suzie Ridler said...

How exciting you got to the printer Jamie! Love that you photographed being there, can't wait to see it and good for you for getting that done.

That salad does look fantastic! What kind of dressing did you use Shannon?

Yes, super excited about the India ink and am still surprised at how cheap it was. Makes it less intimidating!

Shannon said...

The dressing was Balsamic (from Kraft). I quite like it, although I did re-apply halfway through the salad :)

Suzie Ridler said...

I keep hearing good things about that one Shannon, thank you!