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Thursday, June 15, 2017

June 15, 2017


Because the air conditioner was broken at the regular place, we had choir at the Dance Cave last night. I haven't been there for years! It was hilarious that I got carded on the way in. We were singing How Will I Know by Whitney Houston.


I'm at the halfway point of the readathon and I'm a little stumped. I am reading my normal amount, but can see that's not enough to finish the challenges for the readathon. I've already swapped out one book, but I can see that I will either need to dedicated many more hours to reading than I had planned, or swap out to some super short titles, or not meet the goals. I know that I want to enjoy the marathon, and part of what makes it fun *is* that it's a challenge, but .... it kind of feels hopeless. I feel like if I can't complete the challenges, I don't know if I want to do it. I'm totally aware this is one of those "the way you handle one thing, is the way you handle all things" moments. Grr.


My crafting space is driving me crazy so during Art & Netflix I also did a little cleanup so it wouldn't keep me away from the room so much. Having such a hard time being in there and I love that space so thank you for inspiring me to watch movies with you there, I love that.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Ouch, Shannon, that's a tough one and yep, it sounds like a familiar one. It sounds like you've already worked some strategies, like swapping out one book. What would make it fun, challenging and doable?

I'm so glad Art & Netflix was a help! I know just what you mean. Sometimes my studio gets completely out of control - and the kitchen table too lol. It can be overwhelming. The good thing is that it seems to free up lots of energy when you get a chance to tidy it up. I hope that happened for you!

Shannon said...

I can't believe you got carded Jamie! Aie! It's awesome to see what the Dance Cave looks like now, and I love how nightclub / night time indoor pics always have that purpley blue glow. I hope it was fun singing Whitney!

Good question Jamie, on what would make it fun, challenging and doable. I think that's where I got stuck, I couldn't find a way to meet a tally that high and felt myself retreating. I think I will prioritize anything short on my Kindle, read it, hope to get to 7 books and see if that kick starts the energy again.

I'm happy to hear Art & Netflix got you inspired to clear up your creative space, Suzie! I cleaned off the coffee table this week and all of a sudden I felt like I could DO STUFF again. It was amazing how much our space impact us.

Suzie Ridler said...

What a totally different venue and how awesome to get carded, nice!

Oh Shannon, that's tough. Sometimes I wonder if these people really READ these books, you know? Like give them their due. That sucks it feels unattainable. Gotta come up with a way so Shannon can play too!!!!

It makes such a difference to have a cleared space, I know. I am far from that but working on it. I actually went into the crafts room for a bit today and forgot that I didn't have a light bulb in my lamp. Arg!!!