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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

January 5, 2016


Nothing says back to regular life like laundry! Plus, I spent all day in the studio catching up on things and trying to get things started. It's amazing just how quickly it can feel like there's not enough time. I'm trying to bring some of the gentle pace of the holidays with me and trust the process.


And ... the schedule has come back to normal, and with it comes the return of morning pages. I took most of the holidays off from morning pages, and I toyed with the idea of not doing them, or doing something else as an alternate, but I am not quite ready to give them up yet. It was nice to come back to them as a practice. I didn't think that I would feel that way, but I did! I'm going to stick with them for now.


Suzie Ridler said...

Looks like things are getting back to normal for you two which can be quite a relief but yes, bringing the relaxed holiday pace into practice is also wise. What an awesome photo of the cats!

I spent yesterday mostly resting so no photos from me.

Shannon said...

Seriously, could Shibumi & Scout be any cuter? I'm sure they are happy to see the laundry basket about! I think bringing the holiday energy into the beginning of regular life is a good idea :)

I hope the resting went well Suzie! I have days like that with no pictures too.