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Monday, January 4, 2016

January 4, 2015


This weekend I really spent my time enjoying the last of the holiday and getting the studio ready for my return. I have also been having such a great time working in my journal in a new style, combining the fauxbonichi approach I've been enjoying so much and a bunch of other things I've loved for a while - creating little boxes for content, gluing images in, drawing. I'm really having such a good time keeping this journal on my desk and creating in it throughout the day.


I used to find it so crazy that there were so many new TV shows that came out at all times of year, but I think now I am just going to roll with that it's more options to enjoy! That being said, there is an epic amount of new and returning stuff to TV this week. I really hope The Shannara Chronicles is good, that would be such a win if it is!


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

I guess one advantage of roving starts is that we may actually be able to see more! I'm looking forward to more Leave it to Bryan :) Thanks for sharing your TV Magic, Shannon :)

Suzie Ridler said...

Wow, that journal looks amazing Jamie!

Shannon, I couldn't believe Galavant was on last night, I thought for sure it had been cancelled. Don't know a lot of those shows but looking forward to Shannara too.

Shannon said...

Yay for more Leave it to Bryan! And I love the idea of more to enjoy Jamie.

I was a bit surprized to hear that Galavant was renewed too Suzie, but I am happy it was. It makes me laugh quite a lot. Here's hoping The Shannara Chonicles is good!!

Shannon said...

That's so exciting that your new journal style is working so well for you Jamie! I think it's amazing that you are combining so many styles. I am so impressed with so many of the different things you've tried and it looks like you've found a really cool groove of journalling style. Awesome!