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Friday, January 29, 2016

January 29, 2016


Yesterday was a full and busy day! I did lots of work for Give a Girl a Journal, went to my singing class, headed downtown to pick up my glasses (they look good but I'm having some issues to resolve with them) and then out for an inspiring evening with my mastermind. All this in a little smattering of snow.


I didn't take tons of pictures today, but I had to snap one of this as they have now updated the Barbie doll. They have added a whole variety of new models of all looks and ... sizes! They have actually made Barbie less skinny. And she can now wear flats. And some models even look short! Wow!


These are not what the pinch pots are supposed to look like. They're supposed to be tall and thin like a tulip, LOL. That's OK, mine was weird and wonky, like me.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

That's so fascinating about Barbie. I found a place you can see all the new designs:

I think pinch pots are the only thing I remember ever really making with clay :) I love that yours are made your way, Suzie!

Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, I don't know how you do it all, it's amazing! And I love the photo, such a quintessential spot in Toronto.

And way to go Barbie! I am so impressed. And a little surprised.

Thanks Jamie! I can't believe how hard they were to me to make, I'm really not very good at uniformity but then I suppose that shouldn't surprise me, LOL.

Shannon said...

Wow that is such a familiar view but I can't think of the last time I was right just there Jamie! Sounds like a very full day. I so hope you get the issues with your glasses resolved, they are so awesome!

I love your pinch pots Suzie! They are so cute and feels so much like they are lovingly created. I think your pottery is soooo cool!!

Thanks for the link on the Barbie styles Jamie! I didn't realize they still had lots of tall-n-thin in the mix, makes me wonder if anyone will buy the full-er sized modes.