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Thursday, August 17, 2017

August 17, 2017


Shannon and I had an epic day yesterday! I worked in the morning then we met up for lunch and then headed down to the passport office. We got our forms in and then went for coffee. Then we rather spontaneously (and maybe not so wisely) decided to walk over to the art store. It was a treat! I got a new sketchbook for a journal idea I have and want to try. Then I went to choir, where I took this rather weird picture, which is the shadow of a bike. We sang Rhinestone Cowboy by Glen Campbell.


Today was a rest day because I did not cook lunch (partook in the 67 cent hamburgers for McD's bday) and I got two naps in but I also did laundry and wrote two posts. Hmm... Not sure I am resting right but life has been busy and I needed clothes!


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

LOL, as I was reading that I thought "Hmm... resting?" It sounds like you got some important things done and worked some resting in too - plus an outing!

Shannon said...

I think I'm still sore from that super long day, Jamie! But it was so much fun, especially getting to see the new coffee place! I hope you had fun singing Rhinestone Cowboy!

Naps equals resting! As does not cooking. That's cool you got out to the celebration of McD's bday! That is quite a deal!